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Nature has the answer....

Verde (green)
Kin (friend, affinity)

Concentrated botanical skincare to help your skin thrive

At VerdeKin we are all about Nature...


We believe that it has ALL the answers.... not just for skincare but for EVERYTHING.

Botanical science has proven that we can get all we need for our skin to thrive from nutrient dense seed oils and plant extracts.  So why use anything else?

We use only undiluted natural and organic, consciously sourced ingredients that are tailored to your skin-type to provide everything it needs.

Everything is handmade in small batches in North Somerset by me, Polly.  To find out more about my ethos and mission and how I want to do business differently please click here

Helping people feel happy in their own skin NATURALLY. 

VerdeKin.  Natural skincare. Nature has the answer
Supergreens clay mask. Detox your skin.
Restore Duo. Skincare for dry skin

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Customer Reviews 


Read our customer reviews on our website here. You can also view our Google reviews here

The Story of VerdeKin

Verde - Green

Kin - affinity/friend

Verdekin is the love child of my lifelong affair with plants.  I've been marvelling at a tree's ability to grow from one tiny seed since I was barely a seedling myself and that awe continues today.

You can read more about me here, but in a nutshell (ahem), here is what VerdeKin stands for:

Harnessing the wisdom of nature and natural cosmetic science to create products that are brimming with nutritional benefit for your skin without costing the Earth.

My mission is threefold:

  • to help people to feel comfortable in their own skin NATURALLY.

  • to be transparent at all times and help people gain knowledge about ingredients they may see around them in hedgerows and fields.

  • to run a business model that gives back to nature.

All Products are

100% tested on humans

Free from nasties

Palm oil free

Encouraging refill and reuse

Supporting diversity in farming and bee health in the UK

Embedding reforestation into every transaction with Tree Sisters

From small seeds come the bounty of life.

Reforestation is embedded in our business

We believe in reciprocity with nature, that's why we proudly plant a tree every time you buy a product from us through Tree Sisters

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