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Using the Wisdom of Nature to help your skin flourish

Balancing facial oil 30ml

Put oil on oily skin!? Really?

Well yes actually.


When your skin is imbalanced it can produce sticky, thick sebum that can lead to spots and enlarged pores. This lightweight blend of vitamin-rich oils is high in Linoleic acid which is often deficient in spotprone skin. Linoleic acid is responsible for reducing the thickness of the skin's natural sebum, thus reducing the risk of blocked pores and spots.

Contrary to popular belief, we need to keep oily skin moisturised with high quality non comodegenic (non clogging) oils, as when our skin is stripped of its oils it responds by producing even more - creating a viscious cycle of imbalance.... and we don't want that!


Skin can take up to three weeks to regain balance.  But beware not to strip the skin whilst washing!  It's tempting to want to get that skin squeaky I know, but you really want to keep it balanced troughout your skincare routine.  Check out the Balancing Oil to Milk cleanser for a deep clean that won't strip your skin.


With Rosehip, Argan, Pomegranate and White Poppy

Naturally high in Vitamins A, B C,D, E

100% Natural, 91% Organic



We plant 1 tree through when you buy this product.

We promote 'refill and re-use'. 

Our packaging is recycled, reusable, biodegradable or recyclable.

Please see individual items.



We use British oils whenever we can to promote diverse farming and bee friendly crops and to reduce carbon emssions from transportation.





Balancing facial oil 30ml


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The Smoothing Rose facial oil has become an essential part of my basic skincare routine - my skin just loves it and feels supple and fresh. Applying it is heavenly as it smells fantastic, like Polly’s managed to bottle the best bits of an English country garden.

Natalie Fee

1% of every sale will be donated to Tree Sisters via Work for Good

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