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It's really important to  change the way we consume and the way we do business. 


At Verdekin we pledge to always have the wellness of our planet in mind when we make any decision.  It's hard to be perfect, no one must pretend to be.

Below you will see the choices that we have made as a company to do our best by nature.

Tree planting

We pledge to plant a tree for EVERY product we sell through Tree Sisters.  Read about the work of Tree Sisters and why reforestation is so important to us here.

Glass bottles

We have chosen to use a mixture of Miron glass and Amber glass in order to preserve the potency of our formulations so that your skin gets all the goodness it can.  All glass is recyclable but we are also working on a bottle return scheme that will mean we can wash and steralise your used bottles and put them back into the supply chain without the need for energy hungry recycling facilities.  Bear with us while we get this in motion.

Please remove labels if you are recycling glass containers.

All our glass jars come with easily recyclable alluminium lids.

Plastics - refill and re-use

Ideally we would use no plastic at all and we have explored many avenues to make this so. However, when it comes to lids that can hold oils securely plastic currently is the best option.  We've come up with a plan though.  We encourage you to reuse the cap that you buy until the end of its life.  At checkout you will be asked if you would like the cap or an alluminium 'refill' cap.  If you choose this option we deduct 25p from the cost of your product.  It is our hope that this will dramatically reduce the amount of plastic caps we use.

All natural and organic ingredients.  We promise no nasties.

We are very careful who we buy oils and extracts from.

All extract, oils and essential oils are certified organic unless we have obtained them from UK farming/wild gathering.  Those farms are not yet certified organic but due to the nature of their crops ( Borage, White Poppy, Blackcurrant), they do not use harsh fertilisers and pesticides.  We choose to use these UK suppliers where we can as it decreases the carbon footprint of the ingredients whilst supporting diversity in farming and subsequent UK bee health.

Packaging and paper stocks


Our leaflets are printed on recycled and FSC paper.

All postal packaging is recycled and recyleable. 

Why not flatten your postal box and reuse it to send gifts?

Remember to check out our Sustainability and Reforestation page to find out about our partnership with the incredible Tree Sisters .

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