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Hi , I'm Polly, creator and maker of all things VerdeKin

The beginning...

VerdeKin began five years ago on my kitchen table when I made my very first face oil. I had been struggling with a misbehaving thyroid and wanted to clean up my act.  That meant no chemicals or troublesome preservatives... nothing that might be knocking my system out of balance.  I researched ( and researched and researched - it's my middle name) and came up with what is now called Smoothing Rose facial oil.  It was like heaven and my skin was soft and smooth and healthier than it had been for years.  The year after that, I gave friends and family the oil for Christmas.  It was a hit.  They all wanted more... and then their friends wanted some too....

So I decided to top up my growing knowledge, bit the bullet and enrolled on an intensive Natural Skincare course in London.  Since then I have been formulating and selling products to lots of happy and returning customers.

An early love affair...

 Herbalists have known these   secrets intuitively for years and now   Botanical science is proving them right.

From when I was knee high to a grasshopper, I have been in love with nature.  To begin with it was flowers.... well it still is...  I can hear my husband complaining about the shrinking vegetable patch as my prolific flowers tumble over, plunging his beetroots into the shade... AGAIN.  I just can't help myself.  My garden is a rambling cacophony of colour.  Nothing gives me more pleasure than marvelling at the slightest changes in a budding flower, or hearing hundreds of bees humming with delight at that day's offerings.  There is such abundance in nature.  It soothes and restores.  It gently strives to survive against the odds.  It is intelligent and to my mind, completely magical.  It surely holds the secrets to all our woes...after all we are nature itself. 

So this gives me my mission - to harness that wisdom into a bottle and in so doing, teach others to marvel at it too.  We've lost connection with the natural world.  My wish is for us to reconnect.  That is why I always provide information about why each ingredient was chosen and it's healing potential. Herbalists have known these secrets intuitively for years and now Botanical science is proving them right.

Just another product in the world...

I tossed and turned at night wondering whether the world needs yet more products when it is so clearly overrun.  In the end I decided that it is better that people have somewhere to buy handmade natural products that they can trust than chemical filled, diluted products in plastic bottles.

I have also made the commitment to embedding reforestation in every transaction.  That means that for every product I sell, VerdeKin plants one tree through Tree Sisters.  Check out that promise here.

You can also read about our sustainability and 'refill and reuse' policy here.

So my mission in short...

  1. Help people to feel comfortable in their own skin NATURALLY.

  2. Be transparent at all times and help people gain knowledge about ingredients they may see around them in hedgerows and fields.

  3. Run a business model that gives back to nature.

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