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Using the Wisdom of Nature to help your skin flourish
Hibiscus & Vitamin C clay mask 30g

This is my absolute go-to for tired looking skin.

It's all about Vitamin C.


This versatile product can be mixed to make masks tailored to your skin's needs.


It also pairs up with the Nourishing Oil to Milk cleanser for a quick daily treatment to revive dull looking skin and reveal a bright and radiant complexion.


This combination of clays with vitamin and antioxidant-rich Hibiscus and Rose flowers draws out impurities from blocked pores whilst giving the skin a soothing and brightening nutrient boost.


Vitamin C is a powerhouse for glowing, healthy looking skin. Its proven benefits are endless and largely due to its antioxidant nature. It can protect aging skin against free radical damage, brighten, reduce redness, even skin-tone - there really is no wonder everyone is raving about it.


Hibiscus, known as 'botanical botox' is exceptionally high in this skin superhero, with its skin brightening and collagen promoting properties.

It also contains showstopping AHAs (alphahydroxy acids) which gently resurface by peeling away dead skin cells.


Luxurious Rose-petal powder offers yet more antioxidants and is heralded to even pigmentation, soothe and tone.


Colloidal oatmeal ensures your skin stays hydrated even as it is cleansed by the clays.


Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is notoriously unstable and many serums and creams have a short shelf-life.  By keeping the vitamin C in dry powder form, we increase it's effective shelf-life considerably so you can get a hit whenever you want.  Just add liquid!


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We plant a tree through when you buy this product.

We promote 'refill and re-use'. 

Our packaging is recycled, reusable, biodegradable or recyclable.

Please see individual items.



We use British oils whenever we can to promote diverse farming and bee friendly crops and to reduce carbon emssions from transportation.


Hibiscus & Vitamin C clay mask 30g

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The Smoothing Rose facial oil has become an essential part of my basic skincare routine - my skin just loves it and feels supple and fresh. Applying it is heavenly as it smells fantastic, like Polly’s managed to bottle the best bits of an English country garden.

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